All the products and advice you need to successfully grow veges

Grow a Never Fail Vege Garden

Nothing beats the satisfaction of ‘growing your own'. Now is a great time to plant your spring vege patch! Follow our never fail guide to ensure success in your patch.

Tui Mobile Vege Patch

The Tui Mobile Vegetable Patch is self watering and a simple way to grow and support your vegetable plants. The large growing area allows room for climbing plants as well as lower growing vegetables and herbs. Perfect for patios, court yards or small spaces.

Liz's Top 5 Never Fail Veges

Nothing beats the satisfaction of ‘growing your own’. Liz Anderson (@tiny_farmstead) shares her top five never fail crops for vege success at your place. These low maintenance veges will happily grow in pots on your patio or in a large patch in your backyard. Size and space are no restriction to growing a successful summer garden!

Tui Novatec Premium Fertiliser

Not all fertilisers are created equal. Developed using nitrogen stabilising technology Tui NovaTec® Premium fertiliser provides a sustained release of easy to absorb nitrogen, feeding your plants for up to four months. As a compound fertiliser each granule contains the same available nutrients, so your plants receive a balanced and even spread of all essential nutrients. This combination results in stronger, healthier plants and higher yields from your garden. Nitrogen stabilising technology benefits our environment too, as less nitrogen leaches into our waterways. Use throughout your garden, and in pots and containers, to reap the rewards of plentiful harvests and prolific blooms.    

5 Top Tips for Your Spring Vege Patch!

As the days lengthen and the soil warms its time to dig out your garden gloves and get busy in the garden. Whether yours is a dedicated vegetable garden or a spot for a few crops in pots and tubs, the time is right to prepare soil, sprout seed potatoes, sow seeds and begin this year’s journey up the garden path.

Tui Organic Seaweed Plant Tonic

Sustainably sourced seaweed for naturally healthy plant growth. Crafted from sustainably sourced seaweed, regular applications promote healthy plant and root growth to make plants more resilient to common problems including: frost, heat, pests and diseases. Tui Organic Seaweed Plant Tonic is safe to apply year-round, on all plants, to create a naturally healthy garden.

Tui Vegetable Mix

Whether your vege patch is bursting with salad greens for summer barbeques, or carrots and leeks for hearty winter soups, nothing beats the satisfaction of ‘growing your own'. Tui Vegetable Mix is a high quality natural-based planting mix containing the right blend of nutrients to provide your veges with the best possible start and sustained growth throughout the season. Use in your garden beds, pots and containers, and you'll be harvesting a bumper crop of homegrown veges in no time. Follow our 3 step Vegetable Growing Guide > This bag is recyclable through the soft plastics recycling scheme, it just needs to be clean and dry. Learn how to clean and dry your Tui growing media bags here.