Choosing the Right Lawn Seed

Sowing or patching your lawn? The Tui LawnForce® range offers a range of lawn seed options no matter how you enjoy your lawn. Follow our guide to choose the perfect lawn seed to sow in spring or autumn for the ultimate Kiwi lawn. 

Choosing your Lawn Seed

Whether you need a low maintenance lawn, a hardwearing lawn for high traffic areas, a fine textured lawn, a drought tolerant lawn for sandy soils, or are trying to grow a lawn in a shady spot, the Tui LawnForce® Superstrike® Lawn Seed range has the perfect seed for you.

5 Steps to Lawn Success

  • Autumn and spring are the best times for lawn care in New Zealand.
  • Clear away existing grass and weeds, then apply a layer of Tui LawnForce® Lawn Preparation Mix.
  • Choose a lawn seed suited to your climate and lawn use. 
  • Sow seed on a fine day, rake gently to cover seed and water lightly.
  • Feed your lawn in spring and autumn with a specialised lawn fertiliser.

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Choosing the Right Lawn Seed Comments

  • A great guide to helping select the right seed.


    • What grass will grow on sand, just sand!


    • Hi Jane,  kikuyu or buffalo grass might, but fine grass such as perennial rye grass or fescue type lawn seed blends won’t grow in sand.

      Tui Team

  • Very timely advice after the drought..

    David Lees

  • What lawn seed do you recommend for sandy soils and is there a grass that doesn't die from dog urine.

    Carol Gorrie

    • Hi Carol, the best lawn seed variant for sandy soils and coastal regions is Tui LawnForce Superstrike Hot and Dry. It is a blend of fescues, perennial rye grass and Kentucky Blue grass which is a deep penetrating grass variety that has good drought tolerance. But to thrive, all lawns need watering so that they don't brown off over the summer months. You could consider applying Debco Saturaid to your lawn if you have a sandy soil base which helps retain moisture and helps water penetrate down into the soil to the roots, rather than running off the soil surface. Also, regular applications of Tui Organic Seaweed Plant Tonic will help protect your lawn over the summer months as well as stimulate root growth and provide better drought tolerance. Unfortunately there is no grass that can take the high concentration of urea that is in dog urine, but it is in the research stages of development, but probably a few years away yet. Can you encourage and train your dog to go in one spot, place artificial grass down so that it still looks green, or place bark down in one area so that there is a designated place for the dog to go, rather than all over the lawn and you end up with a patchy lawn. The Tui Team.

      Tui Team

  • We are creating a putting green on our lawn. We have dug it out, placed irrigation, pea metal and now topping with a good layer of top soil. What grass seed would you recommend for our green please. We are in Manawatu, so often get frosts in winter. Generally top soil is only quite shallow with clay underneath, but as we have prepared this area specifically it has a good layer of top soil

    Jill Shirkey

    • Hi Jill, our recommendation for a putting green grass is a fine turf fescue and browntop blend, which is Tui LawnForce Superstrike Superfine blend. It stands low mowing, the browntop spreads rather then grows upright and with a good watering and feeding regime, you will have a putting green that is the envy of the golf club!