Discover new Tui LawnForce

After the hot summer months, autumn is the perfect time for lawn TLC and to sow a new lawn. We’re excited to launch new Tui LawnForce Slow Release Lawn Fertiliser to help you get the job done.

New Tui LawnForce is the ideal formulation to deliver outstanding results for New Zealand lawns. Available in three 2.5kg variants, Tui LawnForce delivers long lasting results for your lawn.

The ProGrade formulation is trusted by major golf courses and sports arenas across the country, so you can rest assured you’re selecting the optimum lawn fertiliser for your backyard.

All Purpose is engineered with convenient slow release fertiliser prills for up to three months sustained feeding.

New Lawns provides up to 10 weeks feeding and the correct blend of nutrients required to successfully establish a new lawn, or patch an existing lawn.

Max Green includes additional iron to green up your lawn in as little as three days and provides 10 weeks sustained feeding.

Available at Mitre 10, Palmers, Oderings, Nichol’s and all good garden centres.


Show us a photo of your lawn in need of some TLC this autumn to win one of five packs of new Tui LawnForce. Share your snap on our Facebook page or Instagram with #feedmylawn. Entries close 30th April 2018.

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Discover new Tui LawnForce Comments

  • Perfect,I am just about to refresh my lawn.

    Dail Jones

  • Great timing Dail, we hope you enjoy our new prodcut. ^Tui Team


  • Work prefect well in my garden when can replant fruits and vegs eg rockmelon watermelon okra eggplant and snakebean thank


  • Hi Paul, these crops are best grown in spring and summer. Happy gardening ^Tui Team


  • Our field at school is a very high use area and the poor grass struggles to grow. Which lawn force food would you recommend?

    Mel, Greenpark school garden club

  • Hi. Will this work well with a dicondra lawn?


  • Buying some today - it?s time for a spruce up

    Khan murray

  • Buying some today - it’s time for a spruce up

    Khan murray

  • Hi Mel, thanks for getting in touch. We would recommend LawnForce All Purpose :) Thanks, Tui Team


  • Fun - why aren't there more like this ? And I like Tui products.


  • Great to hear Khan, we hope you enjoy the results on your lawn! ^Tui Team


  • Hi Kim, yes Tui LawnForce can be used on a dicondra lawn. The key to remember is not to apply fertiliser to dichondra when the leaves are wet. Due to the leaf shape they will tend to catch any fertiliser on wet leaves which could lead to a burn. It is important to wash the fertiliser off after application, even more so than a traditional lawn. Happy gardening ^Tui Team


  • I've already purchased some lawnforce but am wondering now if it's suitable for use around our dog?


  • Hi Julie, yes it is safe to use around dogs. Make sure it is well watered in before your dog is back on the lawn so it doesn't stick to their paws and transfer onto paved areas etc. Thanks! Gemma - Tui Team


  • Good Morning I used this product last weekend and I can already see results Now looking forward to spring to apply the next lot Used a hand spreader with great results

    Gordon Cameron

  • Hi Gordon, thank you for getting in touch. That is fantastic feedback to hear. We are pleased to hear you are enjoying the results of new Tui LawnForce. We'd love to see a photo at some stage if you have one. Our email address is Thanks for sharing your feedback and enjoy your lawn ^Jenna - Tui Team


  • Good Evening I have just sent two photos of my lawn after using the new lawn food Looking forward to your reply Cheers Gordon

    Gordon Cameron

  • How does Lawn Force go if there are lots of weeds in the lawn. Do I need to do something to kill the weeds first ... and we have a dog too so could you take that into consideration in any recommendations. Thanks


  • Hi Angela, LawnForce is a fertiliser so will help your lawn grow but won't kill any weeds. If you want to get rid of the weeds and resow new seed you can follow the below instructions: Spray with a weed spray that will kill the weeds but not the lawn, rake out the dead patches and break up the soil surface. Apply Tui Lawn Preparation Mix over the patch 25-30mm deep. Firm down with the head of the rake or by stamping. Sow Tui Superstrike Lawn Seed Easycare Patch Pack as directed on the pack, making sure the seed is in contact with the Tui Lawn Preparation Mix. Water well and keep moist on a daily basis during the germination period. As you have pets, you will need to keep them off the sown areas to give the areas the best chance of germination, and ensure none of the product gets on their paws. The LawnForce All Purpose variety can only be applied to lawns older than 16 weeks (for the newly sown areas you can use the Lawnforce New Lawns variety - or wait until the lawn is old enough to use the All Purpose variety). When using the LawnForce fertiliser make sure it is well watered in before your dog is back on the lawn so it doesn't stick to their paws and transfer onto paved areas etc. Hope that helps ^Tui Team