Keep your summer tomatoes coming with Liz

Follow these handy tips from Liz @tiny_farmstead to ensure your tomatoes keep on producing all summer long! 

1. Prune out the lower leaves. This lets light in and improves air circulation which helps reduce diseases. 

2. Instead of watering daily, give them a deep soaking 2-3 times a week. Not only will this help create a more robust root system, it also helps prevent your tomatoes from splitting in periods of heavy rain. 

3. Feed your tomatoes every four weeks to make sure they have enough nutrients to keep producing. Use Tui Performance Naturals Tomato & Vegetable Liquid Fertiliser which is high in potassium.

4. As your tomatoes grow, remove the laterals to encourage bigger and better fruit production. 

Enjoy your tomatoes! 

Follow our tomato growing guide here > 

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Keep your summer tomatoes coming with Liz Comments

  • Love this down to earth email. Brief, simple, easy to follow ...thank you


  • Thanks for the great tips. We put together a hothouse this year as live in Otago. Our tomatoes have produced an amazing crop, just have to wait for them to ripen 😊

    Leanne Broad