Laura's top 5 winter citrus tips

Discover tips to growing successful citrus in your garden this season from Laura (@thekiwicountrygirl).

1. Feed citrus in spring, summer and early autumn. This ensures new growth isn't affected by frosts. However you can apply Tui Organic Seaweed Plant Tonic year-round for a healthy boost and to help plants cope with extremes in temperature.

2. Treat yellow leaves due to lack of magnesium with Tui Epsom Salts.

3. Mulch to protect roots, conserve moisture and suppress weeds.

4. Check for bugs including scale, whitefly, mites and aphids. Apply a spraying oil through winter to help prevent insects. If you spot insects choose a suitable spray from your garden centre.

5. Prune citrus trees if they become large or misshapen. Prune any time of year unless you are in a frost prone area. If you're in a frost prone area, wait until spring.

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