Pick your perfect rose

'Berry Nice'

'Berry Nice'

Winter is the perfect time to plant roses and when the best selection will be available in garden centres. Follow our guide to choosing the right rose and our top picks for your rose garden this winter.

Finding the Right Rose

Roses come in all shapes, colours and sizes. Each season, new varieties appear, as the demand for innovation, new colours and hardier plants is relentless. 

Choosing the best rose varieties for your specific climate should mean fewer pest and disease issues and an overall healthier garden.

When selecting roses for the garden:

  • Choose well branched healthy looking specimens.
  • Avoid rose plants which have withered or damaged looking stems.
  • Look for the high health symbol on the rose labels, this means the roses are free from virus and disease.
'A Moment in Time'

'A Moment in Time'

Consider these tips to assist in rose selection:

  • Climbing or rambling roses can be trained along a fence, veranda or pergola. Provide strong supports and these roses will create a stunning look.
  • Flower Carpet and low growing varieties have real flower power. They are a popular choice to add height and form to rose and garden beds.
  • Standard and bush roses are perfect to create a formal look and focal point for any garden. Plant bulbs and herbs below these roses for year-round colour.
  • Scented roses are a great choice for entrances, lining paths and under windows.
  • Patio roses are typically compact and durable so grow well in pots and containers for the patio. Also are great for picking.
  • Miniature roses are dainty and small, so perfect for planting as flower borders.
'My Treasure'

'My Treasure'


The below roses from Matthews Roses. The first three are from their 'My Rose' collection; A Moment in Time, Berry Nice and My Treasure will make beautiful additions to your rose garden.

All three varieties are part of their exclusive range of easy care floribunda roses bred by Bob Matthews from his stunning creation 'My Mum'. The entire collection is perfect to mix and match in your garden with superior health and repeat flowering garden performance.

  • 'Berry Nice' - dazzling shades of berry magenta-pink flowers smother the bushy easy care plant. The blooms stand out on glossy foliage putting on a show stopping display!
  • 'A Moment in Time' - an elegant blush champagne blooms in new vintage flower form. This healthy easy care rose is outstanding for your garden or bouquet. Exquisite fragrance.
  • 'My Treasure' - a superb easy care rose providing a bounty of repeat flowering apricot golden blooms with open ruffle form. Very bushy plant with lush green foliage. Delicate fragrance.
  • For a soft lilac show 'Forget Me Not' amazing abundance of lilac flowers, open to reveal golden stamens. An enchanting rose, repeat flowering on a healthy bushy plant with a delicate fragrance. 
'Forget Me Not'

'Forget Me Not'

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Pick your perfect rose Comments

  • I love red roses so Berry Nice looks beautiful. But I also like My Treasure.

    Lynn Rhodin

    • I love red roses so Berry Nice looks beautiful.I also like My Treasure

      Carol Baguley

  • A moment in timel

    Mary Te Haara

  • A moment in time is the most delicate colour and beautiful formed bud and flower - it is truly magniificent

    Vivien Brunt

    • I still love 'A Moment in Time'.

      Viv Brunt

  • I love the colour of My Treasure, it looks fanastic and would look great in my garden.

    Christine Ferrier

  • I love the new Rose's especially a moment in time.

    Vivien Ritchie

  • I love all the roses, particularly the colour and form of Mt Treasure, but would have to pick A Moment In Time for it's fragrance.


  • A Moment in Time 😍 closest thing to a Peony look in Auckland!

    Rebecca Victoria

  • 'Forget Me Not' looks stunning. What a gorgeous colour.

    Sandra Joyce

  • Moment in Time. Absolutely fabulous. I just love this rose so much

    Marlene Gasson

  • "My Treasure" this would compliment the Super Trooper I have on order with you. Love the ruffle formation of this rose.

    Leonie Andrews

  • A Moment In Time especially lovely to gift to mark a special occasion. A new baby soon to arrive.

    Christine Rodger

  • I have several existing roses in my garden but bought a new rose for the first time this year. I have chosen Blackberry Nip. Cant wait for it to be delivered.

    Sandra Innes

  • Hi, do you have a rose called My Mum'.

    Elizabeth Gardner

    • Hi Elizabeth, Matthews Roses do have a rose called 'My Mum'. You would need to check with them directly or talk to your local garden centre to see if they can order if for you this season, hopefully they still have that one available. 

      Lianne, Tui Team

  • I absolutely adore 'My Treasure', it is a colour that is not easy to find.

    Andrea Louth

  • 'A Moment in Time'. Would so remind me of all the precious times and moments with my dear mum.

    Leonie Andrews

  • 'A Moment in Time' with a stronger perfume would be my choice.

    Christine Ruddick

  • I have a whole bed of the 'My' roses by Matthews . There colours and form àre stunning. I also love their names. A Moment in Time is my favourite.


  • I have a yellow rose in my garden called Freesia, just beautiful and fragrant.

    Janet Haylock

  • I have seen 'A Moment in Time' flowers - they are the most delicate colour and divine perfume


  • I have ordered 'A Moment in Time' and 'My Treasure' can't wait until they come next month. I do love 'Berry Nice' too, but I have run out of room for any more roses. As I have 8 roses and ordered another 6 I am going to have to cull some of the old ones.

    Julie Anderson

  • I love 'Margaret Merrill' for perfume and 'Diamond Design' for colour.

    linda bowden

  • Climbing Compassion pink with exquisite perfume and Monet stunning pink and yellow.

  • I love "Forget Me Not". I don't have many roses, just a hand full of easy care ones. This looks delightful and full of joy so I'm choosing it.

    Joan Beaumont

  • I would love a 'Forget me Not' rose :-)

    Colleen Smith

  • My dad had Alzheimer's, so a 'Forget me Not' rose would be perfect in my garden.

    Audrey Valley

  • Hayley Westerner, looks great in garden and vase.

    Wendy Galloway

    • Hi Wendy, we would have to agree with you on that one, it has the most beautiful double frilly flowers of soft apricot, pink and cream tones.

      Lianne, Tui Team.

  • 'Forget me Not's' colour matches my hair perfectly. Will wear it!


  • A moment in time is perfect. If you have a moment in time its easy to stop for a moment to smell the roses!


  • Yellow roses always look sunny.

    Patricia Gustafson