Tips to creating privacy in your garden

Create privacy in a small space by using certain plants and planters. We've put together our top tips for you to bring privacy to your outdoor space.

  • Plant Griselinia ‘Broadway Mint’ in rows across a few planters for the perfect privacy screen on decks and patios.
  • Large trees are not only a beautiful addition they can be used practically to provide privacy. Check out our Large Tree Planting Guide here
  • Hedges are a great option to create structure, provide privacy and give character to you garden. Look for evergreen options for greenery year-round or plant a hedge that not only looks good but is also edible. Feijoa, blueberry and Chilean Guava make attractive edible hedges. Space trees/bushes approximately 1–1.5m apart depending on the variety.
  • Use containers! Planting in caster trollies are a good option to use as space dividers and to create privacy on your balcony as needed.
  • Use trellis as a screen. It's an ideal way to add privacy without shutting off the rest of your garden completely like a fence can. You can add colour and greenery to your trellis with climbing roses and shrubs such as Star Jasmine.

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Tips to creating privacy in your garden Comments

  • Our Feijoa hedge is alongside our concrete driveway .It's fine as a hedge but falling fruit tend to get damaged when it hits the concrete.


  • Be aware that late ripening Feijoa trees are not suitable for some colder districts where early frosts curtail the fruit-ripenung process