Top 5 Low-Maintenance Indoor Plants with Lara

Caring for indoor plants is a great way to bring a touch of nature indoors! If you’re just starting out your plant parent journey, Lara shares her favourite low-maintenance indoor plants.

1. Sansevieria or 'Snake Plant/Mother in Laws Tongue' will tolerate direct sunlight through to low light. It's also an air cleanser and dry-tolerant. 

2. Zamiolulcus, or 'ZZ Plant' has shiny green foliage, can be watered once a month and is an air cleanser. 

3. Syngoniums, come as either compact or trailing, will cope with some drying out and are air cleansers. 

4. Peperomia Jade, features lovely green ovate leaves. If you pinch out the tips it stays nice and bushy. Being a peperomia, it can cope with a little drying out aswell.

5. Philodendron Scandens or 'Hearf Leaf Philodendron'. If you're looking for a trailing plant, this makes a great choice. 

Enjoy your plants! 

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