Top Tips for Summer Garden Success

In the summer garden, delicious spring vege crops are ready to harvest, flowers are blooming and it’s generally sunny and warm.

Take time to enjoy your garden but also take time to protect it so you get the most from your plants.


  • Apply Debco SaturAid granular soil wetter to garden beds and pots to assist water reaching the root zone of plants.
  • Water in the morning or evening to avoid water evaporation. A good deep soak every few days is better than shallow watering every day. This will encourage deep roots and helps plants to better survive short term drought.
  • Add Tui Organic Seaweed Plant Tonic to your watering can at least every month to help them thrive and cope with the summer heat.
  • Dig in Tui Compost before planting to replenish nutrients used by previous crops. Compost is an excellent water saver as it increases moisture holding capacity in soil.

Pests and disease

  • Check your crops for signs of pest and disease like aphids, caterpillars, powdery mildew, and of course slugs and snails. Control slugs and snails with Tui Quash.
  • Ensure plants have good airflow and enough light around them especially courgettes, tomatoes and cucumbers.

Harvest and care

  • Harvest veges regularly to help promote more growth throughout the season.
  • Strawberries - the more you pick the more they will grow! Remove old leaves and parts of the plant that look unhealthy. Apply Tui Strawberry Food regularly.
  • Prune peach, plum and nectarine trees on a clear, dry day.
  • Pick vibrant blooms including roses, hydrangeas, dianthus, delphiniums, lilies, gladiolus, sweet peas, geraniums, cosmos, and sunflowers for fragrant floral displays.
  • Make the most of your blooms with basic maintenance - dead heading, weeding, watering, and feed with Tui NovaTec Premium fertiliser.

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  • Harvest in 40-70 days

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Top Tips for Summer Garden Success Comments

  • Hi Tui Can some one please give me advise on his to grow veggies in a veggiebox I planted cauliflier broccoli cabbage Silverberg carrotts and finally lettuce We had had a few lettuce leafs I found quite bitter my containers where overrun by snails and nothing grew I feel quite teiybled as this was my first attempt at my own veggie garden ant advice will be great regards Caroline Welsford and happy new year

    Caroline Welsford2KP

  • Hi Caroline, thanks for getting in touch and good on you for giving 'growing your own' a go. Check out our guide here for some tips: A good foundation e.g. soil and nutrients is key to success, along with nourishing your plants as they grow. Fill your box with a quality planting mix specifically designed for veges such as Tui Vegetable Mix and dig in Tui Sheep Pellets and Tui Compost. Continue to add a scattering of Tui Sheep Pellets around your plants, and use an all purpose fertiliser such as Tui NovaTec Premium fertiliser to provide nutrients over a sustained period of time (perfect for containers). Keep up with watering and apply Tui Organic Seaweed Plant Tonic at least once a month to give your veges a boost and help them cope with any stress and strengthen again insects and diseases. Lay Tui Quash slug and snail control to stop slugs and snails munching on your plants. We hope our info helps and you will enjoy success in the garden as you can't beat homegrown veges :) ^Tui Team


  • Thanks for your very informative tips, I read them and even now we’ll into my senior years I always find something new


    • Hi Wayne, that's fantastic to hear. Thank you for sharing this feedback. There is always something new to learn in the garden! Enjoy and happy summer gardening. ^Tui Team 

      Tui Team