Try new Tui Sheep Pellets!

A Kiwi icon in the garden! Try new Tui Sheep Pellets and prep your garden for spring.

Like kiwifruit are to pavlova, and jandals to summer, Tui Sheep Pellets are the perfect partner for your plants. Containing all natural pelletised New Zealand sheep manure, Tui Sheep Pellets are the essential Kiwi garden ingredient.

Sheep pellets add organic matter to improve soil structure, encourage earthworms, and nourish your plants. Use year-round throughout your garden to make the most of your piece of paradise.

Try either the 8kg bag or the convenient 1.5kg Mini Sheep Pellets this season.

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Try new Tui Sheep Pellets! Comments

  • As you say Jandals to summer as sheep pellets to summer garden good to put a whole bag of pellets to each tomato plant and great to keep moisture in the soil over summer

    Peter Sopp

  • Thanks Peter, we hope you enjoy this product in your garden. Happy gardening from the Tui Team


  • citrus loving the sheep pellets

    lynda dean

  • I left a bag of sheep pellets out in the garden and it got soaked, can it still be used?

    Janet Jin

    • Hi Janet, yes they can still be used but we suggest using them sooner rather than later. Since they are wet they will swell up and start breaking down like they do in the garden and will become smelly in the bag. Ensure you dig them into your garden once applied. 

      Tui Team