Tui Autumn Times

Autumn is a major harvest season in the garden. While there’s plenty to pick, there’s also plenty to plant as we head into the cooler months of year. 


  • To continue reaping the benefits of fresh homegrown food, autumn is a key planting season
    with plenty of fruit, veges and flowers to add to your piece of paradise. Check out our Autumn
    Gardening Guide.
  • Create an edible hedge with feijoas, blueberries or Chilean Guavas (NZ Cranberry).
  • After the heat of summer, autumn is the best time for lawn TLC. Discover the Tui LawnForce® range and tips to build the ultimate lawn the whole family can enjoy.
  • Laura MacDonald (@thekiwicountrygirl) shares her Pride of Place in rural Waikato, along with an easy herb garden project and her delicious feijoa crumble slice recipe in time for feijoa season!
  • Worm farming is a fantastic way to turn your organic kitchen and garden waste into rich fertiliser for your garden, and a fun project for the kids. Follow our beginner’s guide.
  • We’ve loved seeing all your #tuisummersnaps and have been amazed by the variety and quality of your summer garden harvests. Check out some of our favourites.

Read the Tui Autumn Times

  • Download a PDF version here
  • Or look out for a copy in-store at Mitre 10 or your local garden centre

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Tui Autumn Times Comments

  • Love your times comments keep up the good work..THANK YOU.


    • Hi Dorothy, that's wonderful to hear. Thanks very much for getting in touch with this feedback. We hope you have a wonderful autumn in the garden. Happy gardening!

      Tui Team

  • I want to plant a Leucadendron in a pot and the garden centre told me to use a low P potting mix. What brand is the best for this please, if you know. Its going to be a memorial plant so not wanting trial and error. Cheers

    Annetta Stokes

    • Hi Annetta, you need to look for a potting mix that is low in phosphorus. Leucodendrons (protea family of plants) extract phosphorus from rock in the soil so they do not need additional phosphorus. Free draining is the key for these plants, we suggest two thirds Tui All Purpose Potting Mix mixed with one third pumice would be okay.

      Tui Team

  • Love your products which I use constantly and sure love to read your helpful comments and tips along with up dates - Thank you


    • Hi Kay, thank you for getting in touch with this feedback, it is much appreciated. We're pleased to hear you enjoy our products and gardening advice. We hope you have a wonderful autumn in the garden!

      Tui Team