Your shared top tips for a beautiful lawn

If your lawn is looking tired after the heat of summer, autumn is a great time to get it back in shape. Whether you are sowing a new lawn, or wanting to maintain your current lawn, follow the below tips shared in our recent lawn survey to keep your lawn looking top-notch.


  • Mow twice a week.
  • Apply worm tea for green growth and disease resistance.
  • If the patches in your lawn are caused by your dog’s urine, add vinegar to their water to help neutralise it and prevent it burning the lawn.
  • Keep the weeds out! Dandelion free makes a big difference to how it looks. Keep the edges tidy too, it’s a huge visual effect on how the lawn looks.
  • Spray for prickles in spring.
  • Collect water in a bucket from kitchen sink hand washing and put this on the lawn to assist the greening and hydrating without wasting water from the hose.
  • Don’t mow too low to the ground as it will cause the lawn to die off and go brown. In summer cut the lawn high, it helps the roots from drying out.
  • Don’t set the mower too low and ‘scalp’ the lawn, as this encourages weeds and stresses the grass!
  • I rake out old growth in winter and put on a layer of compost (which I rake in to the top layer of the lawn).
  • Walk barefoot on the lawn for a refreshing relaxing boost.
  • The three W’s watering, weeding, watching it grow.
  • Mulch! I keep mine a bit longer and mulch the clippings back in to it. It helps immensely – especially with holding moisture in the heat of summer.
  • Apply lime each year and fertilise it with Tui LawnForce All Purpose fertiliser in spring and autumn.
  • Digging out the weeds by hand works well and is a great stress reliever.
  • Shift the trampoline to a new spot each time you mow.

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Your shared top tips for a beautiful lawn Comments

  • I live in Taupo with its pumice soil.What is the best fertiliser to use for lawns on pumice and does it need a lot more lime than normal soils. It certainly needs lots of watering over summer as pumice is so porous.

    Brent Carbines

  • Hi Brent, any lawn fertiliser is suitable to use but the secret is to get more organic matter into the soil so that fertiliser doesn?t leach through as easily. Use a mulching lawn mower so that all of the lawn clippings go straight back on the lawn. Seasol Powerfeed is good for light pumice lawns as it puts organic matter (humates) back into the soil. Apply Debco Saturaid which is a wetting agent which helps retain and disperse water in the soil, this will help retain nutrients in the soil as well. All the best, Tui Team.


  • How much vinegar do I add to a dogs water bowl? To help prevent urine burn on my lawn?

    Kaye Hamer

  • Hi Kaye, we suggest adding a tablespoon of vinegar to your dog's water to start with and you can assess from there. Thanks, Tui Team