Create a backyard sports field

Rugby, cricket, or soccer - whatever your choice of sport - create a lawn that not only withstands the fun but also looks good year-round.

Click the link below for a step by step guide to create your backyard sports field for the whole family to enjoy!


To ensure you have a successful sports field the soil needs to be in the best possible condition to give lawn seed the best chance of germination. When starting a new lawn from scratch, kill any existing grass and weeds.

Apply a 25-30mm layer of Tui Lawn Preparation Mix to the area to provide lawn seed with a base of essential nutrients and fertiliser. Create a level and compact area for your lawn by raking, rolling and filling in where needed. Water before sowing lawn seed.


Use Tui Basin Reserve Lawn Seed - a premium bare turf perennial rye grass, bred in New Zealand for New Zealand conditions, this lawn seed produces a thick blade lawn suitable for high traffic areas such as playgrounds, driveways and backyards (and cricket pitches!).

  • Sow seed on a fine day at the rate set out on the packaging.
  • Scatter seed in an east to west direction then a north to south direction to ensure an even spread.
  • Rake in lightly to ensure seed is covered.
  • Water lightly and keep moist on a daily basis during the germination period.
  • Don’t be tempted to mow your new sports area straight away – wait until it has grown to at least 5cm.


Your lush new lawn will need to be cared for throughout the year. A thick, healthy lawn stops broadleaf and other weeds from becoming established.

After you have mown it three or four times, apply Tui LawnForce All Purpose Fertiliser to encourage lush, thick, green growth for the ultimate sports field. Once established, fertilise your in spring, early summer and autumn. Keep your sports field well watered to help keep it in tip top shape.

Tips to creating a sports field in your backyard

  • Use Tui Basin Reserve Lawn Seed - the very same seed used on the iconic Cello Basin Reserve!
  • Long narrow spaces (e.g. down the side of your house) can be a great option to turn into a cricket pitch.
  • Mow a strip on a lower setting to create your own cricket pitch.
  • A tin of white paint goes a long way to creating markings for your chosen sports space.
  • Spend less time watering and more time playing on your lawn! Add Debco SaturAid to assist with water distribution. The granular soil wetting agent reduces water use by up to 50%.

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