Sensational Spring Planting

NEW: Petunia Bumble Bee

Sleek and sophisticated, Petunia Bumble Bee has a unique colour combination of a black base and a distinctive yellow star that is blushed with dark purple/pink around the edges. Bumble Bee looks great in low terracotta containers, hanging baskets and window boxes and is an excellent performer in the general garden situation. Petunia Bumble Bee is early to flower and will be covered all spring and summer with blooms.

NEW: Voltage Yellow Osteospermum

When you are craving bright colour, this unique clear yellow variety will stop traffic - it’s the first Osteospermum in bloom and the last out of bloom. Voltage Yellow features very flexible stems that make it ideal for garden bed plantings, large baskets and containers.

NEW: Sunbell Banana

With masses of eye catching, banana yellow blooms month after month, the Sunbell Banana is an easy care plant is perfect for hanging baskets, tubs, rockeries or cascading over retaining walls. One plant can replace up to 10 annual Petunias.

FLATTO® Peaches and Nectarines

FLATTO® Peaches have been extremely popular over recent years, and now there are two additional FLATTO® varieties for home gardeners to enjoy - a Sweet Bonnet™ Peach and for the first time, a Nectarine - Button Bright™! Flatto® Nectarine Button Bright™ and Flatto® Peach Sweet Bonnet™ both produce large crops of sweet, tasty, yellow-fleshed fruit in mid-late February.

Petunia Raspberry Blast

The ‘perfect perennial’ with pink blooms edged in deep cerise pink. Bred for its trailing habit, continual flowering and tolerance to extreme heat this low maintenance stunner is a winner in containers, hanging baskets and garden beds. The 5-6 cm unique coloured flowers cover the entire plant from spring right through to the first winter frosts.

Top: left - Flatto® Nectarine Button Bright™, right - Voltage Yellow Osteospermum; Bottom: left - Petunia Raspberry Blast, right - Sunbell Banana.

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Sensational Spring Planting Comments

  • Find the Tui Newsletter really informative

    Virginia Moynan


    Virginia Moynan

  • Love the Petunia Bumble Bee, looks so cute

    Jan Spicer-Boyes

  • We have bought probably about 10 Voltage yellow osteospermum and have lost , so far , 5. They are getting plenty of water, but within a week or so of being planted they just curl up and die. Any thoughts?


  • Hi Kerry, that is unusual especially as they are dying within a week of being planted. Can you see any sign of disease or insect pests? How often have you been watering them, and have you fed them with anything? We recommend using Seasol seaweed based plant tonic when planting to reduce transplant shock and feeding with Seasol every 2-4 weeks for an extra boost. Thanks, Jenna - Tui Team