PowerFeed Liquid Fertiliser

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Available in: 1L, 2L & 4L

PowerFeed is a dynamic liquid fertiliser and soil conditioner so it addresses plant health and performance above and below ground. Liquid fertilisers are easy and quick to apply, in addition to being fast acting.

PowerFeed contains macro nutrients and fish that are a rich source of proteins, beneficial bacteria and trace elements. The liquid composts in PowerFeed stimulate soil microbial activity, boost soil structure and increase nutrient availability. This helps turn sticky, clay soils into friable soils and can significantly reduce leaching in sandy soils.

N-P-K 12 - 1.4 - 7


  • Liquid fertiliser and soil conditioner.
  • Contains macro nutrients, fish and liquid composts.
  • Stimulates microbial activity.
  • Clay breaker.
  • Improves sandy soils.

Directions for use


- Apply 20ml per 9L every 2 weeks.

Vegetables, herbs, annuals and perennial

- Apply 45ml per 9L of water every 2-4 weeks.

Fruit trees (including citrus)

- Apply 45-90ml per 9L of water monthly.


- Apply 45-90ml per 9L of water every 2-4 weeks to maintain.

Soil treatment

- Apply 90ml per 9L of water at least 2 weeks prior to planting.

NB:1 capful = 10ml approx. 9 Litres diluted mixture covers approx. 2 -4 square metre

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