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Tui Performance Naturals Citrus & Fruit Fertiliser

Tui Performance Naturals Citrus & Fruit Fertiliser

(5 out of 4 reviews)

Available in: 2.5kg

Performance Naturals give you all the power of synthetics with a performance that’s 100% natural, just like the garden you’re keeping. So you get outstanding results without adding anything un-natural to your own environment. Good stuff!

Our Citrus & Fruit Fertiliser is formulated using NatureN, a fast acting natural ingredient that is super rich in nutrients. This fertiliser stimulates root development and improves overall plant health, with sheep manure improving soil structure, encouraging earthworms and nourishing your plants. Biostimulants also act as soil and plant conditioners and maximise nutrient uptake. Use throughout your garden, and in pots and containers, to grow healthier citrus and fruit.

Natural ingredients get great results and that's got to be good! Performance Naturals.

N-P-K 7-0.5-3 + Mg


  • NatureN - A unique, fast acting natural source of nutrients to promote rapid growth. 
  • 100% natural ingredients including Seaweed and Sheep Manure.
  • Slow release feeding coupled with fast action feeding for optimum plant health.
  • Enhanced with magnesium for healthy plant growth.
  • Packaging made from 40% recycled plastic. 

Directions for use

Garden beds

  1. When planting apply ½ a cup per square metre of garden. Mix thoroughly into the soil.
  2. For established plants apply ½ a cup per square metre around the plant’s dripline (the dripline is where the plant’s foliage extends to).
  3. Water in well after application.

Pots and containers 

  1. Apply ½ cup per 30 cm pot diameter.
  2. Spread evenly over the soil avoiding the plant stem.
  3. Water in well after application

Apply every three months during the key growth periods of spring, summer and autumn.

Tui Performance Naturals Citrus & Fruit Fertiliser packaging (clean and dry) is recyclable through the soft plastics recycling scheme. Find out more here.

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Tui Performance Naturals Citrus & Fruit Fertiliser reviews

(4 reviews)

    Great product. My citrus trees have never looked so healthy. I highly recommend.

    Maureen Reese

    Really great for our dwarf root stock Lime and Meyer lemon which are in large tubs. Doing so well even after a move from the North Island. Would definitely recommend


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