How do I get rid of apple moth?


Hi Tui, how do I get rid of apple moth?

Kaylene McNabb


Hi Kaylene

Apple moth, also known as 'codling moth' is prevalent now. Timing for controlling these moths is critical. They overwinter in the soil and crawl up the tree and enter the fruit. Codling moth pheromone traps hung in the tree are effective as they break the life cycle of the moth, but it is critical that they are hung from spring through summer (now). 

Alternatively corrugated cardboard wrapped around the base of the tree can capture the larvae. Dispose of by burning.

Once the worm is in the fruit there is no control. Your local garden centre or DIY store may recommend a suitable spray to protect fruit that can be used after petal fall and so no bees will be harmed. Collect fallen infected fruit and dispose of in the rubbish, not the compost as this helps spread the insect pests.

Thanks, Tui Team. 

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