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  • Philodendron Scandens Growing Guide

    Philodendron Scandens Growing Guide

    Philodendron Scandens, also known as the Heartleaf Philodendron due to the beautiful heart shape it's leaves lend themselves to. It's a vining philodendron and can grow to great lengths if potted in a hanging pot or placed on a tall shelf.
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  • Kale Growing Guide

    Kale Growing Guide

    Bursting with goodness, these hardy no fuss vegetables are brilliant crops to plant in the winter garden. Kale is a superfood in every sense of the word. This fantastic leafy green can be used both fresh and cooked. It is a quick growing crop for the cooler months, and it looks highly attractive in the garden too.
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  • Win an indoor plant pack

    Win an indoor plant pack

    Add a touch of green to your indoor oasis! Enter to win an indoor plant pack to get the most from your plant babies. 
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  • Tui Performance Naturals Road Show

    Tui Performance Naturals Road Show

    It’s official… we’re hitting the road! To celebrate the launch of our newest range – Tui Performance Naturals – we’re packing up a trailer full of natural goodies and parking up at local gardening stores around New Zealand to meet you, talk all things gardening and give you the chance to win awesome prizes!
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