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It's in our nature! This season we’re celebrating what’s in our nature: as Tui, as Kiwis, as gardeners.
  • Passionfruit Growing Guide

    Passionfruit Growing Guide

    The summer favourite of passionfruit grows well in the warmest parts of New Zealand. The climbing vine and striking flowers make it an attractive (and delicious!) addition to the garden. Check out our tips for growing passionfruit in your garden.
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  • Hydrangea Growing Guide

    Hydrangea Growing Guide

    Hydrangeas are a hardy flower favourite that add colour, texture and vibrancy to the garden.  The flowers are perfect for picking and drying and are widely used in bouquets or own their own in a vase. As hydrangea flowers age the colour fades to reveal wonderful antique shades of lime, rose and copper which make a beautiful feature in vases.
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  • Win an indoor plant pack

    Win an indoor plant pack

    Add a touch of green to your indoor oasis! Enter to win an indoor plant pack including and indoor plant & pot.
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  • Tui Grow Guides - Indoor Plant Success

    Tui Grow Guides - Indoor Plant Success

    Whatever your choice of plant, creating your very own indoor oasis is an awesome way to add life into your indoor living spaces. Discover how to take great care of your indoor plants below.
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