It's a great time of year to grow tomatoes

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  • Courgette Growing Guide

    Courgette Growing Guide

    Courgettes are a staple of vegetable gardens all across the country and is sometime known as zucchini or summer squash. Courgettes have a wide range of uses. They can be grated into salads, stir-fries, quiches and preserves, or sliced and grilled on the BBQ.
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  • Win a Tui Performance Naturals Pack

    Win a Tui Performance Naturals Pack

    Get great results with natural products. Enter to win our new break through range of 100% natural products!  
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  • Passionfruit Growing Guide

    Passionfruit Growing Guide

    The summer favourite of passionfruit grows well in the warmest parts of New Zealand. The climbing vine and striking flowers make it an attractive (and delicious!) addition to the garden. Check out our tips for growing passionfruit in your garden.
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  • Discover Tui Performance Naturals

    Discover Tui Performance Naturals

    Tui Performance Naturals is a new break through range of 100% natural products. Performance Naturals give you all the power of synthetics with a performance that’s 100% natural.
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  • Harvest in 60-85 days