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  • Blueberry Growing Guide

    Blueberry Growing Guide

    Blueberries are an increasingly popular addition to Kiwi backyards. A fruit high in antioxidants, easy to grow year-round, with attractive foliage and suitable for smaller spaces, it's easy to see why they are a superfood of the garden!
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  • Growing from Seed Guide

    Growing from Seed Guide

    Nurturing your plant from a tiny seed to a delicious crop of veges, or a stunning floral display, provides satisfaction second to none for gardeners! Grow seeds in seed raising trays, your garden, or containers and pots.
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  • Win a blueberry planting pack

    Win a blueberry planting pack

    Discover the benefits of blueberries and enter to win a blueberry planting pack!
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  • Top 10 Garlic Tips

    Top 10 Garlic Tips

    Garlic is not only packed with flavour and health properties, it is easy to grow in the garden. 
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  • Harvest in 140-160 days