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  • Hydrangea Growing Guide

    Hydrangea Growing Guide

    Hydrangeas are a hardy flower favourite that add colour, texture and vibrancy to the garden.  The flowers are perfect for picking and drying and are widely used in bouquets or own their own in a vase. As hydrangea flowers age the colour fades to reveal wonderful antique shades of lime, rose and copper which make a beautiful feature in vases.
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  • Chain of Hearts Growing Guide

    Chain of Hearts Growing Guide

    The ever-popular Chain of Hearts gets its name from the heart shaped leaves that grow a few centimeters apart from each other along cascading stems. They are best displayed in a hanging pot or on a high shelf to show off the beautiful long vines.  
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  • Win a feijoa planting pack

    Win a feijoa planting pack

    Enter to win a feijoa planting pack including two feijoa trees!
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  • Tui Performance Naturals Road Show

    Tui Performance Naturals Road Show

    It’s official… we’re hitting the road! To celebrate the launch of our newest range – Tui Performance Naturals – we’re packing up a trailer full of natural goodies and parking up at local gardening stores around New Zealand to meet you, talk all things gardening and give you the chance to win awesome prizes!
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