It's a great time of year to grow citrus & fruit trees

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  • Top 10 Indoor Plants

    Top 10 Indoor Plants

    Freshen up your living spaces with some beautiful greenery this season! Indoor plants are a decorative addition indoors, breathing colour, life, texture and scent into your home. We've picked our 10 must-have indoor plants to enhance your living spaces.
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  • Summer Drinks Gardening Hack

    Summer Drinks Gardening Hack

    Rather drink punch than grow veges? Then this summer drinks garden including delicious fruit and garden‑fresh herbs is for you!
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  • Chilli Growing Guide

    Chilli Growing Guide

    Chillies are popular as they are a relatively quick to produce crop. Chillies don’t need a lot of special care and come in a rainbow of attractive colours. Chillies degree of hotness varies greatly from the very mild, quite easy to eat types, through to the fire-breathing Habanero blends.
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  • Win a summer drinks pack

    Win a summer drinks pack

    Rather drink punch then grow veges? Enter to win a summer drinks pack for the entertaining season!
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  • Harvest in 60-85 days