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  • Strawberry Growing Guide

    Strawberry Growing Guide

    The great Kiwi pavlova just wouldn’t be the same without a generous topping of delicious red strawberries. Grow your own this season and you’ll be the family favourite! Plant in garden beds, pots and containers and harvest a bumper crop of homegrown strawberries this summer.
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  • Win a strawberry planting pack

    Win a strawberry planting pack

    Winter is a great time to get your strawberries planted for a bumper summer harvest!
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  • Garlic Growing Guide

    Garlic Growing Guide

    Garlic is one of the easiest and least fuss vege crops you can grow. It takes up hardly any room (width wise above the soil) and once planted it requires little care. Packed with flavour and health properties, it’s a superfood of the garden! Traditionally garlic is planted on the shortest day and harvested on the longest day, however it can be planted in both autumn and winter.
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  • String of Pearls Growing Guide

    String of Pearls Growing Guide

    Spring of Pearls is a striking succulent that features long beaded tendrils that can grow up to a meter long, making them perfect as a hanging plant. They add a quirky feature to any room.
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