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  • Tui Indoor Product Range

    Tui Indoor Product Range

    Create your indoor plant oasis. Discover our products and advice to successfully grow indoor plants.
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  • Win a blueberry pack

    Win a blueberry pack

    If you're keen to grow blueberries at home, we've teamed up with our friends at Waimea Nurseries to give away a blueberry growing pack. 
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  • All your citrus questions answered

    All your citrus questions answered

    From lemons and limes to oranges and mandarins, citrus are a must-have addition to any Kiwi backyard, and can be growing successfully in the garden or in pots. We often get asked for growing advice and suggestions on treating problems on citrus, so we have put together answers to your most common questions.
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  • Cut & grow again crops

    Cut & grow again crops

    While you may not be able to plant new crops like you normally would at the moment, there’s plenty of crops that will grow again after harvesting.
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