Helping Kiwi Kids Grow

Discover products, guides & fun garden projects to help get Kiwi kids gardening.
  • Win a Kids Gardening Pack

    Win a Kids Gardening Pack

    Help your little one welcome their first garden and enter to win a Tui Kids Mini Garden Pack!
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  • Spring Gardening Guide

    Spring Gardening Guide

    Spring has made a welcome arrival and your garden will be starting to come alive again! It’s time to start planting your spring crops and get your piece of paradise into tip top shape for the warmer months.
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  • Top 10 Indoor Plants

    Top 10 Indoor Plants

    Freshen up your living spaces with some beautiful greenery this season! Indoor plants are a decorative addition indoors, breathing colour, life, texture and scent into your home. We've picked our 10 must-have indoor plants to enhance your living spaces.
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  • Helping Kiwi Kids Grow

    Helping Kiwi Kids Grow

    Help your little ones welcome their first garden this spring! Our super easy-to-use Kids Mini Garden will help get them started. 
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When should I plant
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  • Harvest in 2-4 years