How do I keep rabbits out of my garden?


Hi Tui, we live on a small lifestyle block, semi-rurally, so naturally we have rabbits nearby. We are trying to get the gardens established, but have been loosing small plants to these pesky critters (being eaten and dug out). Given the size and openness of our gardens, some of which are on a bank, fencing them out isn't an option. Any tips on how we can keep them at bay and save our new plants?

Abby Harrison


Hi Abby 

Check out your regional council, they should have information on their website about pest control and talk to your local rural merchant such as Farmlands or PGG Wrightsons, they have baits and repellent products that can be sprayed or painted on plants.

Sprinkling blood and bone around your plants will work as a repellent for a short while until the smell disappears. You could also try spraying plants with Tui Seaweed & Fish fertiliser, this will help repel pests for a while and benefit the plants.

You can purchase plastic sleeves to put around plants until they become established, but if all else fails contact a professional pest controller in your area. 

Thanks, Tui Team. 

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