How do I start my worm farm?


Hello, I have just purchased the Tui Worm Farm and it's great. But the online and paper instructions show the 2 tray diagram, whereas it is helpfully now 3 trays. However I am unsure when I first put the worms and their bedding - the top or middle tray? Thank you, Matthew

Matthew I


Hi Matthew, congratulations on your worm farm purchase. When you assemble your worm farm, you will have the collector tray that the legs click into, along with the tap. Then there are two working trays and a lid. You only need to start one working tray to begin with. Soaking your coir block in a bucket of water, you can lay the cardboard header card at the base, dampen it first and lay the damp coir on top of this. Place the worms on the bedding and food on top, then cover the worms with a worm blanket or damp newspaper or cardboard to keep them moist as worms breathe through their skin. Make sure the food is chopped up, a blender is good to do this, only feed the worms as fast as they are eating the food, probably every 2-3 days. It will take about three months for the working tray to fill up with nutrient rich worm castings. When it is three quarters full place the second working tray with bedding (moist shredded paper, coir or compost) and food on the bottom and stop feeding the top tray. The worms will move to the food source and you can eventually use the worm castings on your garden. Lianne, Tui Team.  

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