How do I use Saturaid on a patchy lawn?


Hi Tui, how do I apply Saturaid to a dry, patchy lawn. Thanks.

Philippa Chambers


Hi Phillipa, Saturaid breaks up the surface tension in soil and so water can penetrate down to the roots where it is needed most. Top dress Saturaid on your lawn, spreading evenly over the soil, it may pay to break up the soil surface using a rake if it has formed a hard crust before applying. Use at a rate of 50g per square metre (or 4 heapedĀ  dessert spoons), water it in well after application. It will go soapy to start with, that is the surfactant that is in Saturaid working. The pack instructions say to apply every 6 months, you can re-apply every three months, or as required. The Tui Team.

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How do I use Saturaid on a patchy lawn? Comments

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