Is this a 'China Doll' plant?


Hello, I don’t know if you can help me. This plant which has been identified as a ‘China doll plant' (I don’t know what it is), it is in a pot. The plant has been outside but is now starting to wilt. Would it be the cold? I have bought it inside but no improvement. Ty Lynda



Hi Lynda, yes, that is a 'China Doll' plant. Its botanical name is Radermachera sinica or Canton Lace, it is native to the subtropical mountain regions of China and Taiwan and has lovely trumpet white flowers and long seed pods, as an indoor houseplant it is unlikely to flower. It is frost tender, in the warmer frost free regions of New Zealand it will grow outside in the garden and can grow to approximately 5-10 metres tall. In cooler regions it would need to be inside for winter in a well lit bright sunny position and can be moved outside again in summer.  Lianne, Tui Team.

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