What are the best companion plants for feijoas?


Hi Tui, What is the best companion plant/tree to plant with a Feijoa tree? I am looking at planting a couple of trees and want to know what is best to plant near them. Thanks, Doug.

Doug Connors


Hi Doug,

Are you looking for companions for repelling pests and diseases or to encourage pollinators? Here are some suggestions for both.

Feijoas are mainly pollinated by birds - blackbirds, Thrush and Wax eyes, as well as bees. The best companion plantings would be plants that attract birds. Flax (phormium), bottle brush (callistomen), kowhai, pohutukawa to name a few. Check our planting for the birds guide here for more ideas.

If you are planting to attract bees or repel insect pests then some suggestions for feijoas are borage, comfrey, marigold, chives, calendula. Remember feijoas have a very surface rooting fibrous root system so plant these companions in the vicinity of the trees. 

It is always good to plant two feijoa trees, although most feijoas are self-fertile. A pollinator will always increase the fruit yield.  

Thanks, Tui Team

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