What flower seeds germinate quickly?


Hi there, can you tell me which seed varieties germinate in about 7 days. I am making miniature scenes (instant fairy gardens) for our school calf club display and I was wondering if there was anything that I could bulk buy that was suitable. I am also looking for best non-toxic wild flower mix to plant outside my classroom please. I teach year 2 and 3. Thank you for your time, Kind regards Karyn

Karyn Benny


Hi Karyn,

The quickest way to get instant effect is to plant seedlings that are already growing. But a few fast germinating flower seed varieties are alyssum, nasturtium, marigolds, cosmos (they may grow too tall for your fairy garden, there are dwarf varieties), and cornflower. These seeds will also be suitable for your wild flower mix to grow outside the class room, add in there sunflowers, linaria, and poppies, you have a great wild flower mix that is safe. There are wild flower mixes available, ask at your local garden centre or check out an on-line seed supplier. Regards, The Tui Team.

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