What plants can I grow between pavers?


Hello, I am keen to grow a thyme lawn as I have a small 1m x 2m lawn. Also in another area which is currently tiny white stones I am keen to pull those up and put down large pavers and between those pavers plant thyme so weeds don't grow through. What type of thyme would you recommend or would you suggest something else?



Hi Sarah-Jayne,

Creeping thyme is a suitable lawn alternative, there are many low growing varieties available, wooly thyme, golden thyme, purple carpet and emerald carpet thyme are just a few. They are hardy, can be walked on and are best planted in full sun.

Creeping thyme is also perfect for planting between pavers. The white stones may be able to be reused around the pavers once the thyme is planted for extra effect.

Other alternatives to consider for carpet lawns are chamomile and dichondra (Mercury Bay Weed), dichondra is also suitable for planting between pavers. 

Creeping garden weeds such as creeping oxalis and clover can invade alternative lawns so hand weeding is essential to keep on top of the weeds. 

Thanks, Tui Team.



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