What's eating my basil & pepper plants in my glass house?


Hi Tui, my basil and pepper plants are getting eaten in my glass house by some little flies. I don't want to spray as my tomato plants are growing well. What do I use?

John van der Loo


Hi John

The flies won’t be eating the plants. There may be small (minute) larvae in the soil and could possibly be Scarid flies. These generally feed on organic matter, but do feed on plant roots if populations get too high. If the flies are white this is white fly and they are sap sucking, they don’t eat holes in the leaves.

The leaves are more likely to be being eaten by slugs and snails or caterpillars. If you don’t want to spray, check the underside of the leaves and check for caterpillars, use digital control for the caterpillars (squishing with fingers) or go out at night with a torch to spot slugs and snails. Use Tui Quash Slug & Snail Control as they are the safest pellets to use. Remove any bark or straw that are around the plants where they love to hide during the day.

Thanks, Tui Team. 

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