When should I prune my guava?


Hi folks, can you advise on the best way and time to prune my guava tree (or bush more correctly). It's about 1.5 metres tall and has fruited well over the last two years, but I feel that it needs thinning out and the ends of some of the branches that have grown need shortening. Many thanks, David

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Hi David, the best time to prune guava is either in late autumn or in early spring before the new growth has started. Guava fruit on new seasons growth, so if you prune once new growth appears you will be removing the new seasons fruiting wood. Prune to shape, remove dead wood and weak spindly growth, reduce vigorous shoots by a third, remove lower branches and old inner wood to improve air flow, and allow light in to ripen fruit and stimulate new growth. Pruning encourages new growth, increases flowering and fruiting, if left unpruned the tree becomes unproductive. Always prune on a dry, preferably sunny day, using sharp cutting tools so that you make clean cuts. Lianne.

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