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How to prepare your lawn for sowing

Spring and autumn are the best times to sow and patch a lawn. Tui LawnForce® Preparation Mix provides lawn seed with a base of essential nutrients and fertiliser.

Follow the steps below and watch the video below to prepare your lawn for sowing.

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Steps for applying preparation mix and flattening

  1. Before adding the mix, clear the area of any grass or weeds.
  2. Apply a 25–30mm layer of Tui LawnForce® Lawn Preparation Mix to the area.
  3. Create a level and compact area for your lawn by raking and filling. Use a rake head or your heel to flatten the area before sowing the seed. A level area with no lumps of hollows helps ensure even germination.
  4. Water to help the mix settle before sowing.

Pro tip! A levelling rake can be used to level the area quickly with ease.