Debco Saturaid Guide

Saturaid is a granular wetting agent formulated to draw and hold water in the soil, enabling water to be used efficiently.

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Watering your garden can be a time consuming job. When the soil is dry, dusty, and tired the water runs straight through without being absorbed into the soil and root zone where its needed most. To fix this problem use Saturaid.

Most growing mixes are commonly made with a base of bark or peat. These materials can dry out and actually repel water, so the water runs across the top of the soil and down the sides without actually penetrating into the soil. Adding Saturaid to the soil immediately prevents this, helping absorb and distribute water evenly and directly to the root zone resulting in stronger, deeper root systems.

Saturaid also makes fertilisers more effective in the soil, including in sandy, clay and compacted soils. This saves you time and money and of course saves water.

How to use Saturaid

  • Saturaid can be used in pots and containers, indoor plants, and all areas of your garden including lawns, and edible crops.
  • Sprinkle over the soil at the recommended rate and water.

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