Tui Grow Guides - Feeding your plants

Just like us, plants need to be fed to stay happy and healthy, they need nutrients from the soil to grow. Discover plant feeding tips including when and how to feed to your plants.

1. The best time to feed your plants is when they are actively growing. Mainly during spring, summer & autumn. 

2. The type of fertiliser you use depends on the plant you're feeding. Plants require 3 main nutrients. N (Nitrogren) P (Phosphorus) K (Potassium). 

3.  If you've got a range of things growing, an all purpose fertiliser is a good option like Tui Organic Sheep Pellets, Tui General Fertiliser & Tui NovaTec.

4. The Tui Food Range is formulated with the prefect blend of nutrients for the plant you're growing and feeds for 4 weeks.

5. If you want something that feeds for longer, choose from the Tui Enrich Range. Perfect for edibles in both pots and garden beds, and feeds for up to 6 months. 

6. Liquid seaweed & fish can be added to your watering can and offers powerful results for your edibles. Reapply every 2 weeks. 

7. Check on your plants regularly and keep up the routine so your plants live long, healthy lives. 

That's feeding done! Discover more pant feeding tips here > 

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