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Easy-care plant options

Check out our easy-care plant options for a low maintenance garden over the warm summer months.

Cacti and succulents
Cacti and succulents will grow pretty much anywhere and don’t need a lot of attention. They love dry, sunny areas with sandy soils and make perfect companions for pots and containers. Cacti and succulents don’t need excessive watering, once every couple of weeks is usually enough.

Lavender will thrive in a sunny spot with good drainage. They’re ideal as a hedge, in pots and containers, picked for the vase or dried. Lavender fragrance, foliage and flowers are hard to beat!

All Cosmos want to do is flower, and once established will flower from late spring to the coldest months. They’re perfect for the time-poor gardener as they will cope with long, dry periods. Choose from a wide range of beautiful bright colours.

Bougainvillea shrubs will provide you with a flowering fiesta! They seem to do best when they are left to their own devices, even in extreme conditions and are pretty drought tolerant once established. Bougainvillea love the heat, in fact the more heat = the more colour. 

Proteas are ideal for the drier months. Once established they require little watering, feeding or attention and will thrive best left to their own devices. Proteas will last about two weeks once picked, and make stunning additions to floral arrangements, fresh or dried.

Agave are low maintenance and drought tolerant plants, often chosen for the unique shape of their foliage.  Because of their thick foliage they can hold onto more water and their roots can also go deep beneath the soil surface to collect moisture, so they require less watering. 


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Easy-care plant options Comments

  • To save water I have planted gazanias in my border, they are loving this weather.

    may rhodes

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