Top Air Cleaning Indoor Plants

Aside from bringing a touch of nature indoors and adding life to any room, indoor plants can also help purify the air in our homes and filter out those nasty dusts or germs.

With houseplants becoming key in our home decorating and design, why not choose options that will help us breathe cleaner!

Rubber plant

  • Produces more oxygen than any other plant.
  • Helps remove mould and bacteria from the air.

English Ivy

  • A climbing vine that's often seen in outdoor areas. 
  • Helps filter airborne toxins and mold from your home. 
  • Great for purifying the air in your bathroom. 


  • This low-maintenance plant requires little effort to stay happy. 
  • One of the most effective at removing formaldehyde. 

Snake Plant

  • One of the easiest house plants to keep alive.
  • Releases oxygen at night so you breath better when sleeping.

Peace Lily

  • One of the most easy-care plants to have in your home. 
  • Efficient at removing airborne particles.  

Boston Fern

  • A bushy fern with lush, green foliage. 
  • Efficient at removing a variety of airborne particles.  

Aloe Vera

  • Helps soothe skin burn and helps purify the air of chemicals.

Spider Plant

  • One of the few pet-friendly plants out there.
  • Helps remove toxins such as carbon monoxide.


  • Helps remove toxins and chemicals from the air
  • A natural humidifier, adding moisture to the air 

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Top Air Cleaning Indoor Plants Comments

  • Great info, will get me out of a rut.


  • How many snake plants and bamboos would you require for a 2 bedroom flat? I have 2 snake plants, 1 catnip, 1 bonsai 5 finger, 1 rabbit paw fern, 2 rats tail cacti, 1 orange flowered lily, 1 small spider plant with striped leaves.


    • Hi Jenny, there is no research on how many plants you need to purify the air in your home, but NASA scientists who conducted the original study estimate two large plants per 9.3 square metres of indoor space would be sufficient. How efficiently the plants clean the air will depend on how leafy they are - the leafier the better and more efficient they will be at removing impurities from the air inside your house or flat.

      Lianne, Tui Team