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Tui Hemp Firelighters

Tui Hemp Firelighters

(5 out of 1 reviews)

Available in: 32 pack

Tui Hemp Firelighters are a sustainable firelighting option for heating and cooking fires.

Made from 100% renewable materials, Tui Hemp Firelighters are an easy to use alternative to kerosene firelighters.

Use Tui Hemp Firelighters as a clean burning fire starter on BBQs, indoor and outdoor fires and braziers.


  • Hemp Firelighter made from 100% renewable materials.
  • Naturally slow burning and easy to use.
  • Box recyclable through kerbside recycling.

Directions for use

  1. Remove 1-2 hemp firelighters from the box and place inside your appliance. Create a stack of kindling over the firelighters in a teepee formation.
  2. Light the firelighters. Once the kindling is well alight, add firewood or charcoal to your appliance. If using for BBQs, allow coals to ash over completely before cooking, approximately 20 minutes.

Using clean and dry kindling and firewood ensures that your fire will burn efficiently, and will minimise the release of excess smoke and other pollutants. Tui Kindling and Tui Firewood are both natural fuel options made from sustainably sourced NZ wood.

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Tui Hemp Firelighters reviews

(1 reviews)

    The best firelighters I have tried in NZ, highly recommended.

    Antonio Saraiva