Tui Mobile Vege Patch

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Tui Mobile Vegetable Patch is a simple way to grow and support your vegetable plants.

The large growing area allows room for climbing plants as well as lower growing vegetables and herbs. Perfect for patios, court yards or small spaces.


  • Self watering container with extra large 12 litre water storage.
  • Extend the support frame as your plants grow to 1.4 metres.
  • Suitable for all vegetable types.

Directions for use

Directions for assembly:

  1. Remove the black insert from the base of the container.
  2. Take out the three folded trellis sections, six risers and two side supports.
  3. Re-fit the black insert into the trough taking care to align the holes in the side of the container with the raised insert.
  4. Select which side of the container you want the trellis fitted.
  5. Insert three risers and the first trellis section.
  6. For stability snap fit the side supports to each end, then fit into the keyhole shaped cut-outs on the top side of the trough ends.

Directions for planting:

  1. Water plants thoroughly before potting and allow to drain.
  2. Half fill your container with Tui Vegetable Mix.
  3. Gently take the plant from the current container, loosen the root ball and remove any loose or dead plant material and roots.
  4. Position the plant in the container and fill with Tui Vegetable Mix up to 3cm from the top.
  5. Gently firm mix around the base of the plant. The mix should be at the same level on the plant as it was in the previous container.
  6. Water your plants well and continue to water regularly, topping up the water reservoir as required.

Note: the packaging states there are nine risers, however there are only six.

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Tui Mobile Vege Patch reviews

(6 reviews)

    Great for everything from tomatoes to beans and sweetpea. Anything hanging. Compact and easy to swap out to next crop. They make the perfect present as everybody has a ability to use it even the person that has everything.


    Perfect to try a Blackberry in one, on the deck.

    Wendy Wood

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