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Tui No Sprout Wild Bird Feed

Tui No Sprout Wild Bird Feed

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Available in: 2.5kg

Treat your feathered friends with Tui No Sprout Wild Bird Feed, a delicious blend of all natural seeds and grains that wild birds will feast on, without the risk of pesky sprouts popping up in lawns or gardens.

50 cents from every pack of Tui No Sprout Wild Bird Feed purchased goes toward supporting Trees that Count, a charity on a mission to help plant millions more native trees throughout Aotearoa. Planting native trees help to create habitats for our wild birds, supporting our native biodiversity.

Doing the best for wild birds and for your garden - that's got to be good! 


  • Unique no sprout formulation - a blend of ingredients that wont sprout weeds in your garden.
  • All natural blend packed with essential nutrients needed to sustain wild birds.
  • Multi-use feed - suitable for use in feeders and scattering on your lawn.

Directions for use

  1. Place your hanging feeder or platform station in a position that is visible for you to see and enjoy the birds.
  2. Make sure it is in a quiet, naturally sheltered location, and away from windows that birds might fly into. 
  3. Keep it topped up with Tui No Sprout Wild Bird Feed so birds come to know it as a reliable food source.
  4. Clean and dry your feeder or station regularly and always keep food dry, to prevent the spread of disease among the wild bird population.
  5. Some birds prefer to eat on the ground, so you can also scatter food on the lawn. Birds can be vulnerable at ground level so be sure to keep it away from shrubs and any favourite hiding places for cats.

Birds feed most actively in the early morning, replenishing their energy after night.

You can help entice birds to your garden by planting varieties of native plants like kōwhai and flax which both attract tūī and bellbirds.

Provide wild birds with a variety of feeding options by hanging our Tui No Sprout Wild Bird Feed bell or ready to use feeder in a tree within your garden.

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