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Tui Performance Organics All Purpose Fertiliser

Tui Performance Organics All Purpose Fertiliser

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Available in: 2.5kg

Tui Performance Organics harnesses the power of nature to deliver outstanding results through ingredients you can be sure are true to nature, just like the garden you’re keeping. Made from BioGro certified ingredients, Tui Performance Organics All Purpose Fertiliser Pellets combine fast acting natural sources of nutrients with slow release feeding to support rapid and consistent growth – the natural way.

Tui Performance Organics All Purpose Fertiliser Pellets stimulate root development and support overall plant health. Sheep manure acts as a soil and plant conditioner and provides natural plant nutrients. Use throughout your garden, and in pots and containers to grow naturally healthier plants.

Organic ingredients that get great results – the perfect start for your garden!

NPK 4-1-2


  • 100% BioGro certified ingredients including sheep manure and Tui Organic Seaweed.
  • Unique fast action feeding with long lasting organic nutrients for optimum plant health.
  • Use throughout your garden - apply in spring, summer and autumn.
  • Packaging made from at least 30% recycled plastic. 



Directions for use

Garden beds

  1. When planting apply ½ a cup per square metre of garden and mix through the soil. Apply into planting holes at the following rates, mixing through soil:
    • Seedlings - 1/8 cup
    • Plants and shrubs - 1/2 cup
    • Large shrubs and trees - 2 cups
  2. For established plants apply 1/2 cup per square metre around the plant’s dripline (the dripline is where the plant’s foliage extends to) and mix into soil avoiding any plant roots.
  3. Water in well.

Pots and containers 

  1. Apply at the following rates:
    • 20cm diameter pot – 1/8 cup
    • 30cm diameter pot – 1/4 cup
    • 40cm diameter pot– 1/2 cup
    • Smaller or sensitive plants: Use half the rate recommended above.
  2. Spread evenly around the edge of the container (avoiding the plant stem) and mix gently into the potting mix.
  3. Water in well. Not recommended for indoor plants.

Apply every 6-8 weeks during the key growth periods of spring, summer and autumn, or when your plants need a boost.

Tui Performance Organics All Purpose Fertiliser packaging (clean and dry) is recyclable through the soft plastics recycling scheme. Find out more here.

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