Can you grow blueberries from cuttings?


Hi Tui, can you grow blueberries from cuttings?

Dawn Hammond


Hi Dawn 

Yes you can, the best time to take blueberry cuttings is in spring early summer, making sure to take a softwood cutting of new seasons growth when the plant is actively growing. Sometimes suckers, which are shoots that grow from the base of the tree can be removed with roots intact and planted up.

Make sure cuttings are 15cm long and pinch the growing tip out to prevent it from wilting. Place the cuttings into a mix which is either half potting mix half peat moss, or into Tui Superlight Potting Mix which is a peat and bark based mix. Do not let the cuttings dry out, place them somewhere warm, but not in direct sunlight.

Hardwood cuttings of the previous seasons growth can be taken in late winter following the same process above. Making a  small nick or sliver at the base of the cutting will be beneficial, and will also benefit from being dipped in a rooting hormone to stimulate growth. The key is not to let the cuttings dry out and to place them somewhere warm.

Thanks, Tui Team. 

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