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Tui Strawberry Mix

Tui Strawberry Mix

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Available in: 30L

The great Kiwi pavlova just wouldn’t be the same without a generous topping of delicious red strawberries. Grow your own this season and you’ll be the family favourite! Tui Strawberry Mix is a high quality planting mix containing the right blend of nutrients to provide your strawberries with the best possible start and sustained growth throughout the season. We’ve added extra potassium to this mix – just what your strawberry plants need to encourage a plentiful harvest of big juicy fruit.

Use in your garden beds and in pots and containers, and you’ll be harvesting a bumper crop of homegrown strawberries this summer. Follow our 3 step Strawberry Growing Guide >

This bag is recyclable through the soft plastics recycling scheme, it just needs to be clean and dry. Learn how to clean and dry your Tui growing media bags here.


  • Suitable for use in garden beds, pots and containers, and for other berry varieties.
  • A six month controlled release fertiliser provides sustained feeding for optimum plant health.
  • SaturAid wetting agent to spread water evenly to the root zone and encourage rapid root development.
  • Potassium to enhance fruit and flower development.
  • Packaging contains recycled plastic.
  • 100% weed free.



Directions for use

Directions for planting in garden beds:

  1. Water plants thoroughly before planting and allow to drain.
  2. Add a layer of mix to the area and make 10cm high mounds for the strawberries to be planted on.
  3. Dig a hole, approximately twice the depth and width of the root ball of your plant, on top of the mound.
  4. Gently loosen the root ball of your plant and position in the centre of the hole.
  5. Plant 15cm apart on top of the mounds.
  6. Press soil gently around the base of the plant.
  7. Water your plant well and continue to water regularly.

If you're short on garden space, strawberry plants grow well in hanging baskets. Or you can plant straight into this bag – just remember to make small drainage holes underneath. Five or six plants will fit in a bag when it is lying flat.

Directions for planting in pots and containers:

  1. Water plants thoroughly before potting and allow to drain.
  2. Half fill your container with Tui Strawberry Mix.
  3. Gently take the plant from the current container, loosen the root ball and remove any loose or dead plant material and roots.
  4. Position the plants in the new container and fill with Tui Strawberry Mix up to 3cm from the top.
  5. Gently firm the mix around the base of the plant. The mix should be at the same level on the plant as it was in the previous container.
  6. Water your plant well and continue to water regularly.

A good rule of thumb is to plant five strawberry plants for each member of the household.

Add a layer of Tui Strawberry Straw around plants to keep the fruit clean, and retain soil moisture.

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Tui Strawberry Mix reviews

(1 reviews)

    Excellent product, I get quite a good yield after using this product

    Brent M

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