How can I control grubs in my raspberries?


Hi, I am having trouble with my raspberries as they are getting grubs inside the fruit. I have a nice berry, then look where it has been attached to plant and find a grub. How do I control this problem?

Lyn van den Bosch


Hi Lyn, this sounds like raspberry bud moth. It is a tiny caterpillar that gets into the fruit through the flower stalk.

Prune canes in early autumn, tip any canes that show caterpillar damage, this will stop the caterpillar moving down the stem to the flower buds. Remove debris, fallen leaves, canes and prunings from autumn and burn or throw out in the rubbish to prevent any overwintering caterpillars surviving. It is hard to control when it burrows into the fruit buds. You can check at your local garden centre for a suitable caterpillar spray, however it will need to come into contact with the caterpillar to control it. 

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