How can I revive my mint and oregano plants?


Hi, my mint plant was growing beautifully when all of a sudden I noticed the leaves being eaten. Mint is my favourite herb, so I would appreciate your help. Also, recently I planted two oregano plants, one looks OK but the other is almost half wilted. Please help to revive the other. Thanks, Helen.


Mint is a great herb, suggest you cut it hard back to the ground, the new foliage will come back all fresh and ready to use. Select a suitable insect spray from your garden centre if insects appear again. Do the same with your oregano, and give both plants an application of Tui Organic Seaweed Plant Tonic to make them thrive - this seaweed based plant tonic promotes strong root growth, reduces transplant shock, improves germination rates and gives plants better resistance to insects and diseases. If they are growing in pots give them a side dressing of Tui NovaTec Premium fertiliser.

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How can I revive my mint and oregano plants? Comments

  • Caterpillas are very partial to mint. With the wiltering of the Oregano, it is more than likely caused by a slug lurking just below the surface of the soil. I have found this to be the problem with seedlings in the past.

    John Williams