Why are my herbs hardly growing?


Hi there, my coriander and basil are hardly growing - my favourite herbs! Any suggestions? I live in South Canterbury. Thanks, Julie.


Both coriander and basil need warmth and lots of sunshine to do well. It is getting a little late in the season for basil and coriander in the garden, temperatures are starting to drop and they can flower and go to seed very quickly at this time of year. Keep your herbs well watered and feed with Tui NovaTec Premium fertiliser. Basil and coriander can be grown in pots indoors on a sunny windowsill. Check out our Herb Growing Guide here for more tips.


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Why are my herbs hardly growing? Comments

  • Julie, I also live in Sth Canterbury and for the last 3 years have tried to grow basil in my glasshouse with no success as it just a waste of time, eaten by snails infested with white fly. This year I planted it in my little raised plot surrounded by spring onions, lettuce,potatoes,courgettes it has thrived ! even with the drought!


  • Hi Karen, thanks for your message this is great advice to share! Thanks, Jenna - Tui Team