How can I save my tamarillo tree?


Hi, my Tamarillo tree lost all of it's leaves after strong winds in March, at the time it was covered in fruit, the fruit fell from the tree about 4 weeks later. Will the tree recover or has it died. If it is to recover when will I see new growth. I am in Waitara Taranaki.

David Michael Seyb


Hi David, tamarillo trees are sub tropical fruit trees that need a free draining soil in a sheltered sunny position. They are frost tender and are evergreen, but in cold climates will be deciduous and lose their leaves in winter. They have a very shallow root system and need protection from wind which can topple trees over, especially when they are laden with fruit, wind also breaks their brittle branches. Your tree should recover, but you won't see any new growth until spring. Provide the tree with frost protection and mulch around the base of the tree to help protect the roots through winter, mulch with either compost, pea straw or Tui Mulch & Feed. The tree will benefit from having some sort of shelter or protection from the prevailing wind. Lianne

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