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How do I care for my lawn over winter?


Hi Tui, how do I best care for my lawn over winter, which is less than 12 months old. It has a lot of weeds in it and needs a good feed. Just been through a dry spell but have had rain recently. Thanks.

Ian Clarke


Hi Ian, broadleaf weeds in lawns are often an indication that the soil is slightly acidic which is normal at the end of summer going into winter. Apply lime, either garden lime or dolomite lime, to help adjust the soil pH. You can apply a selective broadleaf weed spray to eliminate the weeds without harming the grass, this is best applied in spring and autumn to actively growing weeds, it is probably getting a little late now for this, it will be slower to work, wait until spring. The best fertiliser to apply at this time when lawns need a boost and are looking a bit tired is Tui LawnForce New Lawns, it helps rejuvenate lawns and is safe to use on newly established lawns. It will also help stimulate root development, a well established root system helps lawns better tolerate summer drought. LawnForce New Lawns also contains a wetting agent for better water retention. The Tui Team.

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