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Tui LawnForce® New Lawns Fertiliser

Tui LawnForce® New Lawns Fertiliser

(5 out of 1 reviews)

Available in: 2.5kg

New Tui LawnForc New Lawns is specifically formulated to deliver outstanding results when sowing a new lawn or patching an existing lawn. 

Engineered with convenient slow release fertiliser prills for up to ten weeks feeding, Tui LawnForce® New Lawns contains the correct blend of nutrients required to successfully establish a new lawn, or patch an existing lawn. 

This ProGrade formulation is trusted by major golf courses and sports arenas across the country, so you can rest assured you're selecting the optimum lawn fertiliser to build a superior lawn.

Tui LawnForce® New Lawns is suitable for all lawn types. 

Treats 125m².

N-P-K  7-3-5


  • Builds deep, strong root systems for a superior lawn.
  • Feeds for 10 weeks without burning. 
  • Contains uniform soil wetter to aid moisture distribution. 
  • Suitable for all lawn types. 

Directions for use

  • Apply before laying lawn seed, or directly after seeding. 
  • Simply apply 20g per square metre of lawn by hand, or with a lawn spreader, distributing evenly.
  • Water in well after application.

Spread fertiliser evenly and follow the application rate. Over application can burn your lawn. Avoid contact of fertiliser with paths, driveways and other porous or hard surfaces as the iron content may stain.

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Tui LawnForce® New Lawns Fertiliser reviews

(1 reviews)

    Greened up the lawn real fast and kept it green, easy to apply