How do I control rust on my raspberry bushes?


Hi Tui, what can I do about the little yellow spots on my raspberry bushes?



Hi Sandi, these little spots will be rust which occasionally can affect raspberries.

If it hasn’t got too out of control yet, remove the infected leaves and dispose of. Talk to your garden centre or DIY store for a suitable spray.

Rust is prevalent when it is warm and humid. Some varieties are more susceptible than others so try and plant rust resistant varieties.

Clean up any fallen infected leaves and dispose of in the rubbish, not in the compost as this will help spread the disease. Keep plants well watered and fed, and use Tui Organic Seaweed Plant Tonic regularly – every 2-4 weeks as this helps strengthen the cell wall of the plant and makes if more resistant to pest and disease.

Improve air circulation around the plant as best you can by thinning out some of the foliage.

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