How do I get my feijoa tree producing larger & sweeter fruit?


I planted a feijoa tree 10 years ago. I used to get it pruned, but not for a couple of years. Last year we had a terrible crop, mostly very small fruit dropping off early. This summer I watered it like you wouldn't believe. The fruit are much better and bigger, but not like the earlier years. How do I get this tree producing larger and sweeter fruit? Thanks, Colin.


We recommend feeding your feijoa tree with Tui NovaTec Premium Fertiliser which is high in potassium to sweeten the fruit. Pruning your tree regularly once fruiting has finished will result in bigger fruit. You will get less fruit next year, but the fruit will be bigger in the long run with continued pruning. Keep up with the watering, it is especially important to water deeply and regularly from mid to late summer when the fruit is developing and ripening. However don’t over water as it will plump up the fruit but lose the flavour.

For more information see our Feijoa Growing Guide.

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How do I get my feijoa tree producing larger & sweeter fruit? Comments

  • I prune my feijoa every year and have already picked up t0kg of good sized fruit. However the other tree I have produces minute feijoa, and only about 10 the whole tree.

    Helen Harris

  • We have found that citris food has made our Feijoas so big its awesome!

    Denise Pollard

  • What should I give our Walnut tree the leaves are a bit yellow. Its 2 years old.

    Jane Baird

  • Hi Helen, it is likely to be a varietal difference, do you know what variety the smaller fruiting tree is? Regular pruning always helps increase fruit size. Thanks, Jenna - Tui Team


  • Hi Jane, walnuts are deciduous and lose their leaves over autumn and winter, the leaves turn yellow and drop off. Is it the new growth that is going yellow or is it the old leaves? If it is the old leaves then this is normal. You can feed walnuts with a nitrogen rich fertiliser such as Tui NovaTec Premium Fertiliser in early spring, also mulching around the tree will be beneficial to ensure the soil is kept moist through the summer months, a quality mulch such as Tui Mulch & Feed is a good source of nitrogen as well. Using Seasol plant tonic around your walnut tree is also beneficial, this is a seaweed based plant tonic that stimulates root growth and overall plant health. Thanks, Jenna - Tui Team