How do I get my fig tree to grow figs?


How do I get my fig tree to grow figs? It’s 3 years old and is in a half wine barrel. It’s beautiful and happy as, but refuses to grow figs. I’ve tried several remedies but Mr fig is not playing ball.



Hi Bronnie,

Figs take 2-3 years to fruit, is it an early variety or main crop variety? An early fruiting variety fruits in spring, fruit forms in the previous autumn, and main crop varieties fruit in autumn. Make sure your tree is well watered through summer and mulch around it with pea straw or barley straw. Use a fertiliser that's rich in potassium to encourage fruiting such as Tui NovaTec Premium fertiliser. Too much nitrogen rich fertiliser will give you lovely green foliage but doesn’t do a lot to encourage fruiting.

Avoid pruning the tree until it has fruited. Autumn fruiting trees can be pruned in winter. Early fruiting varieties are not pruned in winter, as the fruit develops in the previous autumn, once these trees show fruit the tips of new shoots can be pinched so that the plants energies go into producing fruit and not foliage. It is an advantage growing figs in pots as it restricts the roots and so promotes flowering and fruiting. Keep well watered and well fed in summer.

Thanks, Tui Team

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