How do I stop ants eating my strawberries?


Hi there, how do I stop ants eating my strawberries? Thanks



Hi Kelly, the ants are probably there for another reason, your strawberries may have aphids or scale insect and they are feeding on the honey dew excreted from them, if the fruit is damaged by birds the ants will be opportunistic and feed on the fruit. I find ant sand effective (available from supermarkets and DIY stores), if you can find the trail sprinkle ant sand along it, even better if you can find where the nest is, sprinkle it around the nest, the ants take it back to the nest and hopefully you can eradicate the nest and stop them feeding on your strawberries. If you do have aphids or scale insect, talk to your local garden centre about a suitable insecticide spray or control, something suitable to use while plants are fruiting, so a natural option may be the best. LianneĀ 

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