How often should I move my Tui worm tower?


Hi Tui, I have just built 3 veggie boxes, they are 1.8m x 1.2m ... I would like to use worm towers to help compost etc. 1. How many worm towers do I need per garden bed? 2. I hear you can move them around, if so, is it advisable, how often should you move them and how long should they be left before moving to a new area? Thanks Sandy

Sandy de Haas


Hi Sandy,

We would recommend one Tui Worm Tower per bed. Place it where it is easily accessible to put your vegetable scraps into. The Tui worm towers do not need moving regularly. It depends how quickly the worms break down the food scraps as to how quickly it fills. The tower can stay in place as long as it isn't in the way of your plantings, or can be moved throughout the gardens to improve the soil in different areas.

Thanks, Tui Team

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