I have a dwarf peach tree with leaf curl, what can I do?


Hi Tui, I have a small dwarf mop top peach tree that usually fruits very well but each year has bad leaf curl. I have given it two sprays before bud burst, it is now in full flower when do I spray again and with what? Does leaf curl affect the amount of fruit?

Your Name Maureen Kerr


Hi Maureen, unfortunately dwarf peach and nectarine varieties are susceptible to leaf curl, which is prevalent early in the season with cool and wet weather. Leaf curl should disappear as temperatures warm up and there is less rain about. As the leaves fall pick them up and dispose of in the rubbish or by burning rather than composting. Spray with a copper based fungicide spray in winter and early spring, it is a protectant not a curative and does not guarantee leaf curl won’t appear when conditions are right. Leaf Curl reduces the vigour of the tree but won’t affect flowering and fruiting. Wait until flowering has finished before applying the next copper based spray. Protectant spraying in late winter, early spring and picking up infected fallen leaves so that the disease doesn't overwinter or spread will help lessen the effect. Tui Team.


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I have a dwarf peach tree with leaf curl, what can I do? Comments

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